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Extramarital ad near Toulouse

Hello to all toulousains, I have just arrived near Toulouse for a short stay, I am looking for an attentive and courteous man. Make sure it’s hygienically sound. I am… Voir son annonce

Woman from Lyon for a discreet adulterous date

My name is Magdalena, I’m a sexy and sexually enterprising woman. I also like men who know how to build pleasure slowly. I always wear sexy lingerie, even on Sundays…. Voir son annonce

Pat and Mimi, swinger couple in Brittany

Demat! We are Patrick and Michèle, a libertine couple who have been swinging for a few years now. Originally from Finistère, we were forced to move to Rennes for professional… Voir son annonce

Libertine meeting in Alsace (67) for a sexual scenario

Hello, I’m Marie, a 37-year-old libertine from Alsace. Born in Strasbourg, I am very attached to my region and would like to meet a local man. For me, sex is… Voir son annonce

Lesbian couple looking for a guy, 3-way booty call

Hi, my name is Maude and I’m 43 (the blonde in the photos). 100% lesbian, I share my life with Nathalie, a 41-year-old bisexual. We live not far from Toulouse… Voir son annonce

An adulterous and extramarital encounter in Paris

Fifty-something blonde woman who wants to be seductive is looking for men for an adulterous encounter. I am indeed married, but my husband and I have our own adventures. Our… Voir son annonce

Married woman seeking adultery in Paris

Hello, I’m 48 and married, but my husband has a lot of responsibility in his job and is often abroad. He’s older (I’m more attracted to older men) and we’ve… Voir son annonce

Ad of a woman seeking adulterous sex in Lyon

Hello, my name is Anne-Charlène and I’m known as Lilou la coquine. After many years of marriage, the passion wears off, and so does the sexual desire. My husband works… Voir son annonce

Announcement of a libertine couple seeking a couple in Paris

Hello, we are a Parisian libertine couple, I’m Nadine 54 and my man is Gilles, 58. We practice swinging, exhibitionism and sado masochism (relatively soft). We are used to libertine… Voir son annonce

Libertine woman seeking a man in Paris

My name is Marlène, I’m 37 and I’m a flight attendant. It’s a job that perfectly matches who I am. I love feeling free, traveling, discovering new cultures and new… Voir son annonce

Libertine dating Paris, 46 years old seeking young man

Jocelyne 46 years old, I’m here to have a libertine rendezvous in Paris or in the Paris region (I don’t have a driver’s license so I don’t need to travel)…. Voir son annonce

Sex ad Toulouse, young redhead very hot

I’m a very hot young redhead who doesn’t have multiple sex even with a very nice belt dildo. I place this sex ad to find a bi in Toulouse

Hardcore sex in Marseille for a virile and tough guy

I love intense sex and pushing my limits. I want a hard plan for Marseille. Attention, this ad is for a virile and enduring guy exclusively. Contact her simply by… Voir son annonce

Naughty woman from Lyon for a man over 50

I live in Lyon and would like to meet a mature man who wants to have a good time with a naughty woman. This ad is for a man over… Voir son annonce

Gang bang in Paris, sex encounter in the capital

As I’m often on the move in Paris, I’d like to organize a sexual encounter on each visit. My absolute fantasy is to be caught at a gang bang in… Voir son annonce

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