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  • Department: Paris
  • City: Paris 75015

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  • Nickname: lolo75
  • Age: 36
  • Civil status: Female
  • Search: Men
  • From: 25 to 55 years old

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Registered on another libertine dating site, I come here also to maximize my meeting possibilities, because yes, I am clearly looking for, and in Paris, believe me, in libertine sauna, there are not only good shots! My name is Laurence, I’m a libertine woman !

I like to meet people to share my increased taste for hard fucking. I intend to make the most of my summer vacations and enjoy myself to the full. Mission number one, to find a super nice guy, who will want my fantasies, who is also without taboos and who will know how to make me cum like I deserve 😉 (and who’ll know how to nibble my nipples at the right moment … I love that ^^ )

Yes, I’m a libertine, you have to accept that. I’m not here to get stuck with a romantic glue pot …. if you know what I mean. Anyway, there are other dating sites for that …
If this appeals to you, if you’re not shy, not jealous, and above all not the pain in the ass who’s going to stand me up or give me a hard time, then contact me so we can talk about it in the chat room!


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